We Make Smiles

This is an SDGs project

World Surprise Video is the Most unique greetings gift in the world. It's Not AI. We're filming in Africa.

Nominated for the 2022 SNS Buzz Award in Japan

The use of this service will lead to economic independence for those living in disadvantaged environments

Our mission
Spread smiles to the world


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One order Big Impact

Most unique gift in the World
Creating smiles
Lifelong memories
Grand celebrations
Spreading joy beyond borders
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Spread joy with World Surprise Video, creating smiles and lasting memories, while supporting those in need globally🫶🎉

Question & Tips

How to order?

You can order from this site.

Fill in the required details and complete the payment. After payment, we'll start filming in locations the Africa, Pyramids in Egypt. Please note that changes can't be made after filming begins.

→ Order now !

If you're considering ordering from World Surprise Video, read this now. This article will help you plan the perfect surprise!

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World Surprise Video is the most unique greeting gift in the world. It's perfect for birthday wishes and special celebration surprises🎁

→3 Best Ways to Use World Surprise Video[World Most Unique Greeting Gift]

Is World Surprise Video real?

Yes, 100% Real.
This isn't AI. We film on location mainly in Africa and Egypt.

We aim to 'Spread smiles to the World' and will expand with more country variations in the future

Is World Surprise Video free?

No, it's a paid service.

It's part of an SDGs project supporting communities worldwide. Every video involves labor costs. We understand some request free videos, but we can't let our local teams work for free.

However, you can join our Free campaigns on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. If you win, you might get a video for free. Give it a try!

Delivery period and method for videos

・The delivery in 1-5 days

・Send via email (don't forget to check your spam folder)

If bad weather interrupts filming, delivery might be delayed. Please order in advance to allow extra time.

All language available

We support all languages for text written on the blackboard.

However, spoken lines are in English only, as our local members only understand English. Please order with respect for them.

Languages like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, and German can be written on the blackboard in the video.

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